Verifying Import and Mapping Data


The verification process validates contract, location, and reinsurance exposure data to see whether the data is acceptable for import. It does not import data automatically after the Verify process is complete.

Verify tests the data and creates an Import Verify  log that contains the results of the validation. The import log includes an error summary with information about how to fix the problem in the exposure data. Here's an example of an error summary and a business error:

********* Error Summary **********

Term deductible 1 missing or invalid : No. of errors: 203

Layer occurrence limit type code missing or invalid : No. of errors: 24

Layer deductible type missing or invalid : No. of errors: 24

********* Business Errors **********

T101 | Business Validation Error: [Contract Id: 1 Loc ID: 1] Deductible type Blanket or Limit type Excess is not a valid term for layer.

While Verify does not geocode data, it does create rejection files. After fixing any errors, run Verify again.

After selecting the import file, specifying the destination data source and exposure set, and setting import options, you are ready to verify the import and mapping data. In the AIR ImportExpress window, click Verify. The system adds the Import Verify job to the Activity Monitor for processing. Click here for information about the meaning of statuses in the Activity Monitor.


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