Setting the EDM Exposure Database Import Options


Before you import EDM exposure data into Touchstone, AIR recommends that you configure the import options, which enable you to specify the number of cores, error handling, and geocoding preferences. In addition, you can schedule and set the priority of the import.

To set the EDM database import options, perform the following steps:

1.      In AIR ImportExpress make sure that the import type is set to EDM Format.

2.      On the Import & Mapping Data tab, in the Exposure Database Formats and Filters area, select the EDM import database.

3.      In the Destination Data Source and Exposure Set area, specify the destination data source and (optional) exposure view or exposure view suffix.

4.      Click the Options tab and specify the desired import options. For detailed information about each of the options that you can configure, see the Options Tab (EDM Format).


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016