Importing Data from CEDE 1.0 Databases


AIR ImportExpress enables you to import policy data from CEDE V1.0 CLASIC/2 exposure databases into CEDE V2.0 Touchstone exposure databases. The import process creates a new CEDE V2.0 database and a new exposure set for every selected book in the source CEDE V1.0 database and populates the new database with the converted exposure data.

  You can also use the Data Source Manager to convert a CEDE V1.0 database. The Upgrade/Convert button in the Data Source Manager converts all business units and books, while AIR ImportExpress enables you to select the business units and books that you want to convert.

You can only import CEDE V1.0 databases, version 13.0 or later, that are attached to a SQL server running SQL Server 2005 or later. The server must be registered in Touchstone. (You cannot import a CEDE V1.0 database that is stored only as an MDF file.)

You can split a single CEDE V1.0 database into multiple CEDE V2.0 databases by importing subsets of books from the same CEDE V1.0 database into multiple CEDE V2.0 databases. However, you cannot use AIR ImportExpress to combine multiple CEDE V1.0 databases into a single CEDE V2.0 database. AIR ImportExpress creates a new CEDE V2.0 database for each CEDE V1.0 import.

Process overview

To import data from a CEDE V1.0 database, perform the following steps:

1.      On the ribbon or on the title bar, click AIR ImportExpress . The application opens to the Import & Mapping Data tab.

2.      In the Import Type list, select CEDE® 1.0.

3.      Select the source database and, optionally, the desired business units and books.

4.      Set the destination for the imported data by specifying the database and (optional) exposure view or exposure view suffix for the data that you want to import.

5.      Configure the import options.

6.      Submit the import.

7.      Open the Activity Monitor and check the activity log. When the status of the import activity is “Completed,” open the activity log for the completed import. Check the log for records that were imported, validation errors, and indication of rejected records.


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