Exposure Map


By default, the Exposure Summary Dashboard displays the exposure map. If you do not want to view the map, you can clear the Exposure Map check box in the View Options window.

When the exposure map is visible, the Map Tools tab appears. It enables you to perform various mapping functions, such as selecting the base maps and managing project layers.

To see various attributes for a single location, zoom in on the map until you see the number "1" in a circle, and then click the location. Touchstone displays a window with attribute information; use the vertical scroll bar to see all the attributes. When you have finished viewing the attributes, click to close the window.

  If there are multiple locations with the same latitude and longitude information, .you will not be able to view attributes for only one of the locations. For example, if the "2" in the following screen marks two locations with the same latitude and longitude information, zooming in will not split the "2" into two separate locations.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016