Exporting Loss Results To Company Loss Files


The Company Loss File (CLF) export type enables you to export loss results to a CLF by line of business (LOB), area, and subarea, for each event, for use in AIR CATRADERĀ® analyses. If you selected the Maximum Any One Life (MAOL) option when configuring a detailed loss analysis, AIR ExportExpress generates separate files for each selected MAOL limit.

A CLF comprises three separate files: two encoded files (*.clf and *.evt), and a summary file (*.evi) that describes the data contained in the two encoded files. For each peril/model/loss type combination that you include in the export, AIR ExportExpress generates a separate set of the encoded *.clf and *.evt files. Peril/model combinations share the summary *.evi files according to their loss types. For easy identification, the CLF files include the specified file name as a prefix in all the associated CLF output files.

CLFs are especially useful when you are analyzing non-standard books with unusually high deductibles or unique geographic concentrations, per risk and surplus share treaties, and facultative contracts.

  AIR ExportExpress includes several additional perspectives that were not included in CLASIC/2: By Individual Treaty, All Treaties (excluding CAT XOL), and All Treaties (including CAT XOL).

Touchstone V3.0 enables you to view and export loss results from previous product versions. If the losses are old and the event IDs or the LOBs have changed, the exported report will not include the event IDs or LOBs. If the version of the product, catalog, and model is marked appropriately and the event IDs are not changing, CATRADER can accept the exported CLFs from one older version of the model.

After selecting the target analysis, you specify the perils and financial perspectives to include, and map any unrecognized LOB values. The loss results are exported in the local currency.

Process overview

To export loss analysis results to a CLF:

1.      In the Export Type list, select Company Loss File (CLF).

2.      On the Export Source (Target) tab, in the Analyses to Export grid, select the loss analysis results that you want to export to a CLF.

  AIR ExportExpress does not include results from deleted databases in the grid.

3.      Optionally, In the Comments field, enter notes about the Export job.

4.      Under Computing Resources, in the Number of Cores fields, enter the minimum and maximum number of cores to use for the job.

5.      Select the Options tab.

a.      Under Peril Filters, select the perils that you want to include.

b.      Under Financial Perspectives and Treaty Losses, select the financial perspectives and treaty losses that you want to export. (Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll  down the list of available perspectives and treaty losses.) For each type of loss perspective, AIR ExportExpress will generate a perspective in a separate CLF. If you included MAOL in the output, you can select MAOL to include the data in the CLF.

c.       In the Target section, specify whether you want to export a 10,000 Years, 50,000 Years, or 500,000 Years CLF.

6.      Select the LOB Mapping tab. The tab displays unrecognized values. You must match each unrecognized user LOB value with a valid industry LOB. The User LOB column lists each of the user-specified lines of business included in the analysis results. To map an unrecognized value, move the pointer to the Industry LOB column, click the arrow to display the list of LOBs, and then select the LOB to map to the user LOB.

  When copying and pasting values, make sure that the value is valid for the associated country.
To copy an industry LOB value from one column to another, move the pointer to the Industry LOB field that you want to copy, for example to a field with the value "Commercial". Highlight the value, right-click on it, and then select Copy from the shortcut menu. Move the pointer to the target Industry LOB field, right-click and then select Paste.

After configuring the export source, the options, and the mapping, you are ready to specify the destination for the exported data.


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