Viewing and Exporting or Copying Data Quality Results


To access the results of Data Quality analyses, select Results and then select Data Quality Analyses in the Results pane. When the activity status is "Completed", you can view, export, and copy the results.

  To view a log for each set of results, click Log in the Activity Status column, or select the activity in the Activity Monitor and then click View Log on the ribbon.

To view the results for individual diagnostics, expand the analysis item (by clicking the + sign in the first column) and then click the name of the diagnostic, such as "Augmentation". The results open in the Report Detail Viewer, which enables you to view and group the results in different ways, as described in the following topics:

         Interpreting Augmentation Results

         Interpreting Industry Data Comparison Results

         Interpreting Industry Data Review Results

         Interpreting Rating Agency Report Results

         Interpreting Scoring Results

         Interpreting Validation Results

You can export, or save, the results of Data Quality analyses to Portable Document Format (.PDF) files. This enables you to easily share the results of the analyses.

You can also copy detailed results from the Report Detail Viewer to a third-party spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

Click here for information about working with grids.

Click here for information about working with maps.



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