Validate Data


The Data Quality Analysis Validate Data diagnostic enables you to assess the quality of your exposure data by running a portfolio against a set of Completeness Rules and Reasonability Rules.

Completeness rules enable you to observe where your exposure data is missing key information. Reasonability rules help you to determine if the exposure data contains potentially invalid combinations of attributes. Specifically, you can configure the Completeness rules to evaluate the following attributes.

         Geographic attributes, such as a missing street address

         Financial attributes (values and terms), such as the total replacement value

         Primary risk characteristics, such as empty or unknown building constructions

         Secondary risk characteristics, such as the roof geometry

The Reasonability rules enable you to find instances where large numbers of locations have attributes that are not typically found together in buildings. Reasonability rules based upon AIR’s engineering expertise are included in the default set of rules, and include the following categories:

         Construction / Age

         Construction / Age /Height

         Construction / Occupancy

         Construction / Height

         Geography / Construction

         Occupancy / Height


You can turn individual rules off or on, and you can configure them to use different values.

The Validate Data function flags locations that violate the selected rules and displays them as analysis results.

You can use this diagnostic in combination with the Score Data diagnostic to determine the level of Augmentation that you should run on your exposure data.

For information on generating validation data, see Performing a Validation Diagnostic. For information on interpreting results, see Interpreting Validation Results.


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