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The Score Data diagnostic assigns portfolio- and location-level scores to your exposure data to help you identify high-risk exposures with large replacement values and data quality issues. Used in combination with the Validate Data diagnostic in Portfolio Mode, these scores can help you quickly assess and prioritize which portfolios you should focus on when performing augmentations to maximize improvements to the exposure data.

         Data quality score: Indicates the risk inherent to your exposures based on the presence or absence of known primary risk characteristics. A higher score indicates better data quality.

         Overall risk score: Quantifies the riskiness of the selected exposures based on the peril, geographic distribution, building characteristics, and replacement value of the locations. It also adjusts for deficiencies in data quality to reflect the greater uncertainty in loss estimates. A higher overall risk score indicates higher risk based on geography, replacement value, and the primary attributes of each location.

At the location-level, the results include a Data Quality Uncertainty (DQU) value that reflects the amount added to the overall risk score due to deficiencies in the exposure data; you use this metric to gauge how much the overall risk for a particular location could be reduced if the data quality score were improved. DQU indicates the risk of not having complete information; it reflects the inherent riskiness of the location, and the value of the property.

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