Managing Rule Sets


The Rule Set Manager enables you to view, add, edit, delete, disable, and save rule sets for use in Validation and Augmentation analyses.

       Adding a Rule Set or Editing a Rule Set

       Deleting a Rule Set

       Disabling a Rule Set

       Saving a Rule Set

Accessing the Rule Set Manager

To access the Rule Set Manager, open the Administration Console and then select Data Quality in the navigation pane. The Rule Set Manager displays the list of rule sets.  The pane is divided into four sections, one for each type of rule set: Completeness, Reasonability, Augmentation, and User-Specified Update. For each type of rule set, you can configure a default rule set that is used during analyses when the creator of an analysis does not specify a rule set. A read-only AIR Default rule set is installed for each of the rule set types.

Accessing the Rule Set Editor

You can access the Rule Set Editor either from the Rule Set Manager or when configuring a Validate Data or Augment diagnostic. After selecting a diagnostic, such as Validate Data, for which you want to view or edit a rule set, click Options. The Rule Set Editor window opens. You  can then add or edit the rule set.


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