Exporting Results to PDF


You can export reports for all the results of a Data Quality analysis into a single Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) file, or you can select a specific results set in an analysis to export to PDF.

Process overview

To export the results of a Data Quality analysis to PDF:

1.      Create a project or open an existing project.

2.      In the navigation pane, select Results, and then select Data Quality Analyses.

3.      Highlight an analysis whose activity status is "Completed" and for which the PDF link in the Export column is active.

4.      In the Export column, click the PDF link. The Export Analysis to PDF dialog box appears.

a.      In the Analysis Type list, select the analysis type.

b.      Optionally, enter the portfolio name and the name of the preparer, and modify the report name.

c.       Select the content to include in the report. The content depends on the analysis type and how it was configured. Options that you did may not have included when configuring the analysis, such as "A.M. Best" are not available for selection.

5.      Click Submit and then click Close. The application generates the PDF and stores it in the Reports section of the navigation pane.

6.      To retrieve and save a Data Quality PDF report:

a.      In the navigation pane, select Reports. The application displays information about the reports that you have generated, including the report name, the name of the preparer, the status, the target analysis name, and the creation time.

b.      When the status is "Completed," click the PDF link in the Export column. The report opens in Adobe Acrobat.

c.       On the File menu, click Save As, select PDF, specify the target location for the PDF, and then click Save.


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