Enhance with AIR's Property-specific Values and/or User-specified Values


After assessing the completeness and reasonability of your exposure data with the Validate, Score, and Benchmark diagnostics, you can run the Augment diagnostic to improve the data quality of any problem areas you may have identified. Augment uses the following two services, Location-Specific Data Lookup and Replacement Valuation, to enhance the quality of your data:

         Location-Specific Data Lookup: These rules enable you to compare exposure data for key fields (for example, geocode information or primary and secondary risk characteristics) to data contained in AIR's Property-specific database. Depending on the rules you select when you configure the analysis, the diagnostic augments your data with data of higher quality that it finds in the database.

         Replacement Valuation: These rules use AIR's Property-specific database to retrieve replacement values calculated by ISO HomeValue and ISO 360Value property valuation services. If the retrieved values fall within user-specified ranges, Augment can use them to enhance the replacement values in your exposure data and to scale the corresponding coverage and limit values as well.


AIR's Property-specific database, which compiles information from multiple industry databases, including ISO's Specific Property Information (SPI) database, is available under separate license. With this license, you can use Augment's Enhance with Property-specific Database Values option to replace location attributes with AIR's Property-specific database values. In addition, by default, Touchstone includes, in Data Quality analysis results, a summary of the consistency of your exposure data with data in AIR's Property-specific database; you can also choose to include detailed information about the consistency of your data.

Without a license to this database, you cannot augment geocoding, primary risk characteristics, secondary risk characteristics, or building replacement values with AIR's Property-specific database values. However, you can use Augment's Enhance with User-specified Values option to clear geocoding data and replace primary risk characteristics, secondary risk characteristics, and replacement values with values that you specify.

For information on modifying Augmentation rules, see Modify Augmentation Rules. For information on performing an Augmentation enhancement, see Performing an Augmentation Enhancement. For information on interpreting results, see Interpreting Augmentation Results.



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