Rule Set Manager


This Data Quality administrative function in the Administration Console enables you to select the default rule sets for validation and augmentation, and to enable or disable them by default. It also allows you to add new rule sets and edit existing rule sets. The rules are segmented by business unit.

  Users can edit the default rule sets when they are configuring a Data Quality analysis.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below  to manage rule sets.

Click to display or hide the filter information bar. When the filter is displayed, use the column selection list to select a filter appropriate to the field type (e.g. custom, blanks, non-blanks, AIR); click to clear  filter selection.
Click to display Field Chooser if you want to turn fields on and off.
Indicates that a rule is selected. Double-click to display the Rule Set Editor specific to the selected rule.
Double-click to open the currently selected rule for edit in the Rule Set Editor. The icon appears when you click in some cells in the record.
Add New Click this button and then select a rule type (Completeness, Reasonability, Property-specific database, Location Update) from the drop-down list; the appropriate Rule Set Editor appears.
Open/Edit Click to open the Rule Set Editor for the currently selected rule.



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