Loss Analysis Template


Loss Analysis templates enable you to specify defaults for analysis settings, output options, and analysis management. For information about configuring detailed loss analyses, refer to the Detailed Loss Analysis help topics. This template type includes the following two default templates:

         AIR Default Loss Template

         Florida Rate Filing Analysis Template, which contains analysis settings required by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR)  for rate making. Deviations from default settings for Financial Settings > Average Properties and Output Options are allowed.

To use this object, you must have the appropriate Loss Analysis license.

  • Before you proceed, review the Templates topic.

  • In the Output Options pane, you can specify defaults for "Non Catastrophe Details" only if you select Non Catastrophe Peril Analysis under Analysis Settings.

  • To set a default template, select the template in the left column and then click Set as default.

The Loss Analysis Template pane contains the following fields and buttons:



Common buttons

Enable you to manage Loss Analysis templates.


Specifies the name of this Loss Analysis template.


Specifies a brief description of this Loss Analysis template.


Displays the date on which this Loss Analysis template was created and the user name of the user who created it.


Displays the date on which this Loss Analysis template was last modified and the user name of the user who last modified it.

Template definition area

Specify the desired default settings for detailed loss analyses. When you create or edit a Loss Analysis template, you can specify any of the settings in this area to include these settings in a Loss Analysis template. For more information about the loss analysis settings that you can specify, see the following topics:

       Analysis Settings

       Output (Loss)

       Analysis Management (Loss)



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