License Management


AIR offers great flexibility in how you license Touchstone software. You can license the software by peril, country, region, line of business, or by individual modules (e.g. Data Quality Hazard, Geospatial, Detailed Loss). Your Touchstone license file detects what items you are licensed to install. For information about obtaining and locating the license file, refer to the Touchstone Installation Guide.

The License Management function enables you to update your license file, for example, if you obtain a new license file as a result of renewing, adding, or removing perils, or if you add or remove analysis modules.

Update or view license file settings in the License Management pane.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons

Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below to update license file settings.

License File

Click to locate  the license file that you want to update.

For your changes to take effect, you will be asked to restart both the IIS Application Services component and the Touchstone client.

For additional information see License Dependencies.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016