Hazard Analysis Template


Hazard Analysis templates enable you to define default diagnostics and their settings as well as default exposure attributes and analysis management settings. For information about configuring Hazard analyses, refer to the Hazard Analysis help topics.

  Before you proceed, review the Templates topic.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons

Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below to manage hazard analysis templates.


Name of the Hazard Analysis template.


Brief description of the Hazard Analysis template.

Set as default

Click to set the current template as the default Hazard Analysis template.

For the next three parameters, click the associated check box to include the item in the template when it is applied. Click the item to display the item's profile options.

     Hazard Profiles

Set default profile options for earthquake, tropical cyclone, flood, terrorism, and severe thunderstorm.

     Exposure Diagnostics

Set default attributes for exposure diagnostics.

     Event Intensities

Set default parameters for earthquake and tropical cyclone event intensities.

Analysis Management

Set default currency, rate, and number of cores.



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