Clash Analysis Template


A Clash Analysis determines whether your portfolio is over-exposed in a specified location. The Clash Analysis Template enables you to set the default method for clash location by matching the text of an address, by determining the distance between two addresses, or both.

  This feature is currently available only in Underwriting Contract mode. To use this object, you must have the appropriate analysis license. For example, you must have a Data Quality Analysis license to use a Data Quality Analysis template and a Hazard Analysis license to use a Hazard Analysis template.
  Before you proceed, review the Templates topic.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below to manage Clash Analysis  templates.


Name of the Clash Analysis template.


Brief description of the Clash Analysis template.

Clash Analysis Settings

Refer to the topic Analysis Settings.

Analysis Management

Refer to the topic Analysis Management.



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