Add Users and Groups


Use the User Administration dialog box to add a user or group and assign a role. For additional information refer to User Administration.



Select Object Type(s)

Select the check box for the type of object—users or groups—that you want to create.


Select the domain in which you want to search for users or groups to add. (The list is populated when Touchstone is installed.)

Enter the object names to select

Enter all or part of the name or names of the users or groups that you want to search for in the domain. If you are searching for multiple objects, separate each object with a semicolon (;).

Check Names

If you specified a single object and the application finds a match, it enters the object name in the field. If you specified multiple objects, the Multiple Names Found dialog box  opens; select the users or groups that you want to add. (Hold down Ctrl and click each object name if you are selecting more than one name).

Application Roles

Select the role for the specified users and/or groups; refer to the topic User Roles  for details. If you are adding multiple users or groups at the same time, they will all be associated with the same application role.

Business Units

Select the business unit or units to which you are granting the users or groups access. After adding objects, you can change the roles and business units for individual users or groups in the User Group Management pane.


Click to add the user or group to the pool of users/ groups.


Click to close the dialog box and return to the User Group Management pane.



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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016