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Stores the deltas for the aggregate annual exceedance probability losses that are calculated during a Comparative Loss analysis.

tRRRR denotes the Results SID for the Comparative Loss analysis and TTTT represents the identifier for the loss analysis.
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key AnnualEPRowIDSystem-assigned table row identifier for the annual EP. Integer4   
Primary Key RankUnique identifier of the highest annual exceedance probability loss in the simulated year.Integer4   

System-assigned table row identifier for the event

 ExceedanceProbabilityExceedance probability delta for the simulated year.Double9  
 ReturnPeriodYearsValue of the interval of time (in years) between years.Double9  
 EPLossAnnual loss delta for the corresponding point on the exceedance probability curve.Double9  
 TVARLossAverage annual loss delta for the years beyond the corresponding point on the EP curve (i.e., Tail Value at Risk [TVAR]).Double9  
 MaxLossMaximum annual loss delta for the corresponding point on the exceedance probability curve.Double9  
 SDLossStandard deviation delta of the mean annual expected loss (EV).Double9  
Objects that tRRRR_TTTT_CMPLOSS_AnnualEP depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tRRRR_CMPLOSS_AnnualEPKey tabletRRRR_CMPLOSS_AnnualEPKeyTableStores annual exceedance probability losses to be used a Comparative Loss analysis. This table is created for each comparative Loss analysis. By default, for each year in the analysis that experienced loss, the table will contain at most one Aggregate row and one Occurrence row per financial perspective for the Standard EP curve. But if losses for a particular financial perspective in that year were 0, no row is generated. The table may contain additional rows if the user requests additional EP curves for subsets of the results.1
tRRRR_CMPLOSS_EventKey tabletRRRR_CMPLOSS_EventKeyTableStores information about the events used during the Comparative Loss analysis.1
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