Touchstone 4.0 Database Documentation
Locating Results for a Specific Analysis

The steps to locate the results for a specific analysis are as follows.

  1. In the Touchstone user interface, open the results frame.
  2. Select the View Analysis Configuration icon, which is located in the lower right corner (icon indicated below). 
  3. In the Analysis Configuration window, note the Analysis ID (101 in the example below).

  4. Open Microsoft® SQL Server® Management Studio.
  5. Open the AIRProject database, right-click on the dbo.tAnalysis table, and choose Select Top 1000 Rows.
  6. In the table, locate the AnalysisSID for the results you want to review (identified in Step 3); Scroll across to find your ResultDataSourceName and ResultSID.

  7. Open the AIRResult database and, from the listed tables, locate the "t" number that matches your ResultSID. The analysis results are located in these tables (for example, dbo.t43_EC_... tables).




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