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tRRRR_DQ_AUG_ResultValues Table
Defines actual values referenced by the augmentation rules. Stores both user and industry value for easy comparison and augmentation. Referenced by the  tRRRR_DQ_AUG_ResultDetail Table to provide multiple values per location. Each location affected by the augmentation should have an ISOBIN record within this table to keep track of the augmentation data source.
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key ResultDetailSID

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the detailed results record.

For a complete list of records, see tAnalysisResult Table.

Primary Key DQValueClassCode

Code that represents the Data Quality class.

For a complete list of names, see tDQValueClass Table.

Primary Key RuleSID

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the data quality rule record.

For a complete list of records, see tDQAnalysisRule Table.


Name of the Data Quality class.

 ValueUserAugmentation value.VarChar255  
 ValueUserDescriptionText description of the user's value.  When the value is a code, this field contains the description for the code.VarChar200  

Augmentation value


Description of the industry value.  When the industry value is a code, the code's description is used.

 IndDataSourceSource for the augmented data, such as Property Exposure or User Specified.VarChar200  

Indicates whether the augmented value was accepted or rejected by the user.

  • 1 = Yes (accepted)
  • 0 = No (rejected)

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the record against which the analysis is performed.  This identification is used when the  record cannot be identified via the ResultDetailSID.

For a complete list of records, see tAnalysisTarget Table.

 OriginalValueIndustryOriginal value before augmentation.VarChar200  

Indicates whether the augmented value is consistent. 

  • 1 = Yes (consistent)
  • 0 = No (inconsistent)
Objects that tRRRR_DQ_AUG_ResultValues depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tRRRR_DQ_AUG_ResultDetail tabletRRRR_DQ_AUG_ResultDetailTableReport detail results for the Data Quality - Augmentation reports.1
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