Touchstone 4.0 Database Documentation
AIRReinsurance Database

The AIRReinsurance database is used to store information regarding the user-specified reinsurance programs and reinsurance contracts.

Schema Diagram

To view the database schema diagrams for the AIRReinsurance database, see Schema Diagrams.

tDBVersionDefines the version of the database.
tProgramStores information regarding the collection of reinsurance contracts. A reinsurance program includes one or more related reinsurance contracts. The reinsurance applies to locations or layers, not to contracts.
tProgramExposureViewXrefSystem reference table used to identify the relationship between the program and exposure views.
tReinsAppliesToGeoStores information regarding the geographic/area filter applied for the reinsurance treaty. Using reinsurance treaty geographic filter is optional.

Stores information regarding the reinsurance treaty.

tSIDControlContains a list of all SID tables and the last SID value in use for each table.  After each insert operation, the SID value will update.



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