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tLossCostType Table
Stores the lost cost options for a non-catastrophe loss analysis.
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Primary Key LossCostTypeCode

Code that represents the lost cost type.

  • ADJST = Adjustment Factor     
    (Loss cost Adjustment factor applied)
  • BGI = ISO BGI and No Default for SCL
    (Loss cost calculation using ISO BGI and no default for SCL being applied)
  • BGICSCL = ISO BGI, default custom SCL          
    (Loss cost calculation using ISO BGI and default custom SCL)
  • BGISCL = Both ISO BGI and SCL option           
    (Loss cost calculation based on peril group by BGI, SCL or any one of the peril group)
  • CBGI = Custom Default BGI ,No SCL backfill    
    (Loss cost calculation based on default custom BGI and no default custom SCL)
  • CSCL = Custom Default SCL ,No BGI Default custom   
    (Loss cost calculation based on default custom SCL and no default custom BGI)
  • CSTM = Custom loss cost, default custom BGI, default custom SCL      
    (Loss cost calculation using custom calculator, default custom BGI template, default custom SCL template)
  • SCL = ISO SCL and No Default for BGI 
    (Loss cost calculation using ISO and SCL and no default for BGI being applied)
  • SCLCBGI = ISO SCL, Default Custom BGI         
    (Loss cost calculation using ISO SCL and default custom BGI)
  • USR = User Supplied Loss
    (Loss input by user)

Name of the of the loss cost type.

Corresponds to the code in LossCostTypeCode

 DescriptionDescription of the code.VarChar1024  
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