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tImpactRegionPerilSet Table

Stores the possible groups of geographic areas impacted by specific peril sets identified by the Marginal Impact analysis options.

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Primary Key ImpactRegionPerilSetCode

Code that represents the possible geographic area impacted by peril sets.

  • 1 = World All Perils
  • 2 = Europe Wind
  • 3 = Europe Earthquake
  • 4 = UK Flood
  • 5 = Japan Wind
  • 6 = Japan Earthquake
  • 7 = North American Wind
  • 8 = North American Earthquake
  • 9 = US Wind
  • 10 = US Earthquake
  • 11 = Florida Wind
  • 12 = California Earthquake
  • 13 = UK Coastal Storm Surge
  • 14 = US Inland Flood

Name of the region peril set.

Corresponds to the code in ImpactRegionPerilSetCode.


Code that represents the geographic levels.

For a complete list of codes see tGeoLevel Table.


Description of the region peril set.

Objects that depend on tImpactRegionPerilSet
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tImpactRegionPerilSetXref tabletImpactRegionPerilSetXrefTableSystem reference table used to determine the possible geographic areas impacted by specific peril sets. This table is not human-readable.1
Objects that tImpactRegionPerilSet depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tGeoLevel tabletGeoLevelTable

Stores the geographic levels.

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