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tExecutionPlan Table

Table used internally by SQL Server. When a user deletes data from Touchstone, this table identifies which information is to be deleted.

Creation Date6/8/2012 1:42 PM
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System Object
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key ExecutionPlanSID

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the execution plan record.

  • 0 =  DEL_EXPVIEWRESULTS (Delete ExpsoureView Results)
  • 1 = DEL_LOCATION  (Delete Locations)
  • 2 = DEL_CONTRACT (Delete Contracts)
  • 3 = DEL_PROJECTS (Delete Projects)
  • 4 = DEL_PROJEXPSETS (Delete Project ExposureSets)
  • 5 = DEL_PROJEXPVIEW (Delete Project ExposureViews)
  • 6 = DEL_PROJRESULTS (Delete Project ResultSets)
  • 7 = DEL_REINSPROGRAM (Delete Reinsurance Program)
  • 8 = DEL_REINTREATY (Delete Reinsurance Treaty)
  • 9 = DEL_RESULTS (Delete ResultsSets)
  • 10 = DEL_ACTIVITY (Delete Activities)
  • 11 = DEL_DATASOURCE (Delete DataSources)
  • 12 = DEL_EXPSETS (Delete ExposureSets)
  • 13 = DEL_EXPVIEW (Delete ExposureViews)
  • 14 = DEL_EXPVIEWEXPSETS (Delete ExposureView ExposureSets)
  • 15 = DEL_NAMEDDATASOURCE (Delete Named DataSources)
  • 16 = DEL_PROJREINSPROGRAM (Delete Project Reinsurance Program)
  • 17 = DEL_CONTRACTRESULTS (Delete Contract Results)

Code that represents the activity type.

For a complete list of codes, see tActivityType Table.


Brief name for the type execution.

Corresponds to the code in ExecutionPlanSID.


Name of the execution plan.

Corresponds to the code in ExecutionPlanSID.


XML string that defines the steps of the execution plan. In this case, the steps to delete the locations.


Description of the execution plan.

 EnteredDateDate the execution plan was entered.DBTimeStamp4 
 EditedDateDate the execution plan was last modified.DBTimeStamp4 
Objects that tExecutionPlan depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tActivityType tabletActivityTypeTableDefines the type of activity.1
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