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tEventSetPerilExclusion Table

Stores information regarding the exclusion of a peril set in a specific event set This table is used when writing combined perils for all models in an event set to the AIRUserSetting Database.

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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key EventSetSID

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the event set record.

For a complete list of records, see tEventSet Table.

Primary Key PerilSetCode

Numeric code for the single peril or set of perils.

For a complete list of codes, see tPerilSet Table.


Indicates whether the peril set is excluded in a specific event set.

  • 1 = Yes (excluded)
  • 0 = No (included)
Boolean1 dbo.D_1 
Objects that tEventSetPerilExclusion depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tPerilSet tabletPerilSetTable

Stores the possible perils sets that are available for use in Touchstone.

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