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tEnhancedGeoMatchLevel Table

Stores the possible geomatch level information.

To best interpret the EnhancedGeoMatchLevelCode in regards to the geocoding results, refer to the document Using Geocoding in Touchstone, which is available on the AIR Client Portal. This document provides details on how to use the EnhancedGeoMatchlevelCode, together with the GeoMatchLevelCode, to understand the quality of the geocoding results.

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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key EnhancedGeoMatchLevelCode

Code that represents the geocode match level.

  • BLCK = Block
  • CITY = City Centroid
  • COUN = Country
  • NONE = Not Found
  • POST = Postal Centroid
  • PRCL = Parcel
  • PT = Point
  • SEGI = Street Segment Imputed
  • STRC = Street Centroid
  • STRI = Street Imputed
  • SUB2 - Subarea 2 Centroid
  • SUBA = Subarea Centroid
  • USER = User-Supplied

Name of the match level.

Corresponds to the code in EnhancedGeoMatchLevelCode.

 DescriptionDescription of the match level.VarChar1024  

Order in which geocode match level results are displayed.

For example, a Parcel match is displayed first, followed by Block.

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