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tConvertEDCCountry Table

Stores information regarding the country codes when using the exposure data conversion tool (EDC). This information is used when using the EDC to convert RMS country codes for use in Touchstone.

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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key CountryCode

ISO 2-character code for the country. 

For a complete list of codes, see tCountry Table.

 CountryNameName of the countryVarChar255   
Primary Key RMSCountrySchemeRMS-defined code for the country scheme path. VarChar10   
Primary Key RMSCountryCodeRMS-defined code for the country.VarChar10   

Indicates whether the country is modeled by AIR.

  • 1 = Yes (modeled)
  • 2 = No (un-modeled)
 RegionGeographic region where the country resides.VarChar255  

Indicates whether alternative RMSCountyCode values are recognized by Touchstone.  For example, RMS recognizes country codes AU, AT, AUT, and 40 for Austria but Touchstone only recognizes AU.

  • 1 = Yes (recognized)
  • 2 = No (not recognized)

Indicates whether Industrial Facility modeling is supported for the country.

  • 1 = Yes (supported)
  • 2 = No (not supported)
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