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tConvertCL2ConditionDeductibleType Table

Stores information regarding the deductible types used in CLASIC/2. This information is used to convert CLASIC/2 deductible types to Touchstone deductible types.

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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key OldConditionTypeCode

Code that represent the CLASIC/2 contract (condition) type to which the deductible was applied.

  • 10 = Blanket Layer
  • 20 = Sublimit
  • 30 = Excess Layer
Primary Key OldDeductibleTypeCode

Code that represents the CLASIC/2 deductible type.

  • 0 = Unknown / undefined deductible (X)
  • 1 = No deductible (NO)
  • 2 = Attachment Point (AP)
  • 3 = Minimum and Maximum (MM)
  • 4 = Minimum Deductible Amount (MI)
  • 5 = Maximum Deductible Amount (MA)
  • 6 = Blanket Percent of Loss (PL)
  • 7 = Blanket Deductible (BL)
  • 8 = Franchise Deductible (FR)
  • 9 = Minimum and Maximum 2 (MM2)
  • 1 =0 Minimum Deductible Amount 2 (MI2)
  • 11 = Maximum Deductible Amount 2 (MA2)

Name for the CLASIC/2 deductible type.

Corresponds to the code in OldDeductibleTypeCode.


Code for the deductible type as used in a UPX record.

Corresponds to the code in OldDeductibleTypeCode.

 NewTableTouchstone database table where this deductible type is saved.VarWChar128  

Name of the column in the Touchstone database table where this deductible type is saved.


Code that represents the deductible type in Touchstone.

For a complete list of codes, see tDeductibleType Table.

 DescriptionDescription if the deductible type.VarChar1024  
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