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tCLFIndustryLOB Table
Stores the Industry Line of Business data; its order in the CLF file is 1) country, 2) peril, and 3) INF version.
Creation Date3/5/2014 4:29 PM
Text File Group
System Object
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key CountryCode

ISO 2-character code for the country. 

For a complete list of codes, see tCountry Table.

Primary Key CTPerilSetCodeCATRADER code for the peril set.Integer4   
Primary Key INFVersionVersion of the INF file.UnsignedTinyInt1   
Primary Key IndustryLineOfBusinessCode

Code that represent the Industry's Line of Business.

For a complete list of codes, see tIndustryLineOfBusiness Table.

 IndustryLOBOrderColumn order for the Industry Line of Business CLF file.UnsignedTinyInt1   
Objects that tCLFIndustryLOB depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
tCountry tabletCountryTableStores information about the county in regards to whether it is modeled or an offshore location.1
tIndustryLineOfBusiness tabletIndustryLineOfBusinessTable

Stores the possible the industry Line of Business types.

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