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tShrinkQueue Table

Reserved for internal use.  Stores records that were shrunk using functionality built into SQL Server. An internal wrapper around this functionality ensures that shrinking: 

  • only affects AIR databases.
  • does not work on databases that are in use by other AIR processes.
  • Performs robust yet incremental shrinks that frees disk space almost immediately.
Creation Date5/31/2016 9:45 AM
Text File Group
System Object
Published for Replication
Data Space Used0.00 KB
Index Space Used0.00 KB
 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key ShrinkQueueSIDUnique system-generated sequential identifier for the record in the shrink queue.Integer4   

User-provided name of the data source.

For a complete list of names, see tDataSource Table.


Code that represents the type of data source used in the project.

For a complete list of codes, see tDataSourceType Table.

 EnteredDateDate the record was added to the shrink queue.DBTimeStamp4 
 ShrankDateDate the record was shrank.DBTimeStamp4  
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