Touchstone 4.0 Database Documentation
Revision History

Touchstone Databases

The following table summarizes the revision history for the Touchstone databases.

Database Version Revision Date Description


June 10, 2016

The following changes have been made to the Touchstone databases since the initial release of the Touchstone 4.0.0 database documentation on March 8, 2016. See What's New? for detailed information.

Some AIRReference database tables contain changes that (intentionally) are not reflected in this documentation. These tables are typically reserved for internal use and do affect the user.  A list of these changes is below; see What's New? for detailed information.

The following changes were implemented, but not documented, in Touchstone 3.1. See What's New? for detailed information on these updates.


March 8, 2016

Initial release of the enhancements and modifications to the Touchstone 4.0.0 databases. See What's New? for detailed information.


July 2015

[AIRReference].[dbo].[tOccLimitType] -  updated description for code "CB" to Combined, Including Time Separately.


June 2015

Reflects the enhancements and modifications to the Touchstone 3.0.0 databases. See What's New? for detailed information.


January 2015

[AIRReference].[dbo].[tAuditStatus Table] - added code descriptions


October 2014

[AIRReference].[dbo].[tUserOccupancy Table] - modify Description field explanation
[AIRReference].[dbo].[tUserOccupancyScheme Table] - modify UserOccupancySchemeCode definition.


September 2014

[AIRReference].[dbo].[tAIROccupancy] - add missing code 488 = IFM: Airport Systems - General


July 2014

Initial release of the database documentation.

AIRAddressServer Database

The following table summarizes the revision history for the AIRAddressServer database.

Database Version Revision Date Description


March 8, 2016

No change to database documentation.  

Database content has been updated to reflect the current geographic and postal data for the United States, which is based on the Census TIGER/Line® Files released in August 2015.

7.2.0 June 2015 Initial release of the AIRAddressServer database reference documentation. 



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