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TblAreaSchemePath Table
Stores the scheme path definition, including its chain.
Creation Date9/8/2004 2:11 PM
Text File Group
System Object
Published for Replication
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key tuidSchemePathIdentifier for the area scheme path code.SmallInt2   
 strNameName of the area scheme path.VarChar30   
 strDescDescription of the area scheme path.VarChar100  
 tuidSchemeL0Schema for the region.SmallInt2   
 tuidSchemeL1Schema for the country.SmallInt2 
 tuidSchemeL2Schema for the area or CRESTA.SmallInt2 
 tuidSchemeL3Schema for the subarea.SmallInt2 
 tuidSchemeL4Schema for the postal code.SmallInt2 
 tuidSchemePathL0Scheme path for the region.SmallInt2  
 tuidSchemePathL1Scheme path for the country.SmallInt2  
 tuidSchemePathL2Scheme path for the area or CRESTA.SmallInt2  
 tuidSchemePathL3Scheme path for the subarea.SmallInt2  
 tuidSchemePathL4Scheme path for the postal code.SmallInt2  
 tuidUserSchemeL3Users's scheme path for the subarea, for use with legacy code. When tuidSchemePathL3 contains a postal code, this value is usually 0.SmallInt2  
 tuidUserSchemeL4User's scheme path for the postal code, for use with legacy code. When tuidSchemePathL3 contains a postal code, the postal code is included in this field as well.  SmallInt2  
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