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TblAreaDistribution_xref Table

System reference table used by airsp_EA_PagingPrepare to retrieve the highest weighted areas. This value is used to assign values to areas that do not have a high enough weight.

Creation Date12/11/2007 12:20 PM
Text File Group
System Object
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Data Space Used560.00 KB
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key guidExternalAggguidExternal for Japan and Mexico (from TblAreaExternal Table); used for aggregation during the loss staging process.Binary16   
Primary Key intWeightTypeId

Identifier for the weight type. 

For a complete list of weight types, see TblAreaWeightType Table.

Primary Key guidExternalDetailGUID for the highest weighted level for this zone and weight type.Binary16   
Objects that TblAreaDistribution_xref depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
TblAreaExternal tableTblAreaExternalTableStored valid area information.1
TblAreaWeightType tableTblAreaWeightTypeTableDefines the area weight type. Used by airsp_DistributeCrestaLocations.1
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