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Stores city information.
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key STATECD

Code that represents the state (area) where the city resides.


Code that represents the county (subarea) code where the city resides.

Primary Key CITYName of the city.VarChar40   
 CENTROIDLATITUDELatitude for the city centroid. Values will be positive for locations north of the equator and negative south of the equator.Numeric9 (10,6)  
 CENTROIDLONGITUDELongitude for the city centroid.  Values will be negative for locations west of the prime meridian up to the international date line. They will be positive for locations east of the prime meridian.Numeric9 (10,6)  
Objects that depend on CITIES
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
CENSUSCITYSTREETNODE tableCENSUSCITYSTREETNODETableStores information regarding the city street node.4
CENSUSCITYSTREETSEG tableCENSUSCITYSTREETSEGTableStores information regarding the city street segment.4
CITYALIAS tableCITYALIASTableStores city alias information.3
CityStreets tableCityStreetsTableStores information regarding the streets within a city.3
CityStreetsWithoutAliases tableCityStreetsWithoutAliasesTableStores information regarding the streets within a city.1
CITYSTREETZIP5 tableCITYSTREETZIP5TableStores information regarding the 5-digit ZIP codes associated with a street.4
CITYZIP5 tableCITYZIP5TableStores information regarding the 5-digit ZIP Codes associated with a city.3
USPSCITYSTREETSEG tableUSPSCITYSTREETSEGTableStores information regarding the city streets as used by the United States Postal Service.4
Objects that CITIES depends on
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
STATECOUNTIES tableSTATECOUNTIESTableStores county (subarea) information.3
STATES tableSTATESTableStores state (area) information.4
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