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tRRRR_DQ_DVA_ResultSummary Table
Stores summary results for the Data Quality - Validation reports.  Each table contains summary data for one report. Records contain Data Quality - Validation values that are pre-aggregated to the format for display in report summary frame.
Creation Date5/31/2016 9:46 AM
Text File Group
System Object
Published for Replication
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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key ResultSummarySID

Unique system-generated sequential identifier for the summary results record.

For a complete list of records, see tAnalysisResult Table.

 DQRuleSetTypeName of the Data Quality rule set type.VarChar255  
 DQRuleSubTypeName of the Data Quality rule sub type.VarChar255  
 LocationsFailedTotal number of flagged location(s) for which the rule failed.Integer4  
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