Touchstone 4.0 Database Documentation
AIRAddressServer Database

The AIRAddressServer  database stores geographic and postal data for the United States and is used for geocoding exposures within the United States.  This data is based on the TIGER  (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) data set.

Schema Diagram

To view the database schema diagrams for the AIRAddressServer database, see Schema Diagrams.

CENSUSCITYSTREETNODEStores information regarding the city street node.
CENSUSCITYSTREETSEGStores information regarding the city street segment.
CITIESStores city information.
CITYALIASStores city alias information.
CityStreetsStores information regarding the streets within a city.
CityStreetsWithoutAliasesStores information regarding the streets within a city.
CITYSTREETZIP5Stores information regarding the 5-digit ZIP codes associated with a street.
CITYZIP5Stores information regarding the 5-digit ZIP Codes associated with a city.
mvwCityStateZipStores information regarding city/state/ZIP combinations.
STATECOUNTIESStores county (subarea) information.
STATEREGIONSStores information regarding the geographic regions in which the states (areas) reside.
STATESStores state (area) information.
STREETNAMESYNONYMStores information regarding alternative street names (i.e. Two vs. 2).
tDBVersionDefines the version of the database.
USPSCITYSTREETSEGStores information regarding the city streets as used by the United States Postal Service.
VERSIONINFOStores information regarding the original vendor source(s) of the geographic and postal data.
ZIP5Stores 5-digit ZIP Code information.
ZIP9Stores 9-digit ZIP Code information.



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