Insurance Data

This section documents the following insurance tables:

The following table maps Verisk cyber risk coverages to the correlating Cambridge/RMS coverages.



Security Breach Expense Limit

Breach of Privacy Event

Business Interruption Limit

Business Interruption

Contingent Business Interruption

Security Breach Liability Limit

Network Service Failure Liabilities

Liability – Product and Operations

Liability – Professional Services Errors & Omissions

Liability – Directors & Officers

Extortion Limit

Cyber Extortion

Financial theft & fraud

Fines Limit

Regulatory and defense coverage 

Physical Limit

Physical asset damage

Environment damage

Programming E&O Limit

Liability – Technology Errors & Omissions

Public Relations Limit

Incident Response Costs

Reputational damage

Publishing Liability Limit


Replacement of Data Limit

Data and Software Loss

Intellectual property (IP) theft

Media Liability Limit

Multi-media liabilities (defamation and disparagement)

Bodily Injury Limit

Death and bodily injury



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