What is the format of the CEEM Program?

The usual weeklong schedule has been spread out and reorganized to allow attendees more flexibility. During the first week we will meet each day for about two hours in the morning and about two more in the afternoon, covering all the live online lectures. The second week will contain optional “Office Hours” style sessions to ask deep dive questions and to help review for the CEEM exams. Self-directed and on-demand software exercises will be made available for attendees on the first day and must be completed prior to taking the CEEM exams either on the Friday of the second week or, barring that, within two years after the session.

Will the course content be any different than in-person programs?

The content is very similar to past programs, covering the same core concepts: exposure data, financial modeling, interpreting results, deep dives on Touchstone® and Touchstone Re™, and explorations of key models. The only change is the format in which the content is delivered. Some sessions, such as the ones that discuss our models and other more technical sessions, continue as live online lectures; the software exercises are in an on-demand format for the attendee to complete as their schedule allows.

Can I complete all the course work within one week if I put forth the requisite effort?

Yes. The only sessions with mandatory attendance take place during the first week. The only item you would not be able to complete in the first week is the exam itself, which will remain scheduled for the Friday of the second week. There is also an option to take the exam at a later date within the next two years.

How much does the virtual program cost?

The tuition for the virtual CEEM is $3,000, a reduction from the $5,000 standard price of the in-person program.

Can I still earn the CEEM credential from the virtual program?

Yes. Attendees who complete the program will have the opportunity to sit for both the Core and Elective exams and earn the CEEM designation. There will be an exam sitting held virtually on the Friday of the second week of the program; however, the exam can also be taken later within the next two years.



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