By Gian Calvesbert | November 23, 2015

People have been figuring out better ways to do things since our prehistoric ancestors began using basic tools. In today's competitive and highly regulated insurance market, we continue to look for ways to do more, faster. Workflow efficiencies powered by technology can provide the streamlined operations and competitive edge now essential for success.

Do you need a suite of analytics and modeling capabilities to support an efficient and streamlined commercial property underwriting workflow? Do you seek to consolidate efforts into one risk management platform that serves as the foundation for all your catastrophe analytics needs? IFG Companies (IFG) did, and they came to AIR and its sister companies within Verisk Analytics® for a solution.

The Underwriting Mode in AIR's Touchstone® platform has been specifically designed with the needs of underwriters in mind: it provides detailed and customizable information about the contracts they are considering in a user-friendly environment. Touchstone was already in use for portfolio modeling at IFG, and the Underwriting Mode offered the analytics and efficiencies sought to support future growth.

AIR developers and consultants worked closely with IFG to help establish a new underwriting workflow that integrates powerful solutions from AIR and Verisk with IFG's policy management tools. Prior to launch, AIR delivered hands-on training and technical support to minimize downtime and help IFG underwriters hit the ground running upon roll-out.

With a modern and comprehensive analytics platform that helps identify the most profitable risks, IFG is well on its way toward achieving its goals. Because of Touchstone's clear and intuitive design, everyone at IFG—from underwriters to executives—can use its tools to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

AIR is committed to helping clients tailor how Touchstone is incorporated into their enterprise. Touchstone application programming interfaces (APIs) allow for even greater customization. Clients can use APIs to leverage the varied functions within Touchstone's analysis modules and integrate them with existing systems through specialized desktop, browser, or mobile-based solutions to build efficient risk management workflows that meet their specific needs.

Read this case study to learn more about how IFG Companies successfully implemented the underwriting mode in Touchstone. In addition, recordings of three webinars from the Managing Catastrophe Risk in Commercial Underwriting series are available on AIR's YouTube channel: Own the Risk in Commercial Underwriting in Touchstone, Accumulation Management and Advanced Geospatial Techniques, and The Broader Solution for Commercial Underwriting from AIR and Verisk Analytics.

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