Corporate risk managers, retail insurance brokers, insurance and facultative reinsurance underwriters all rely on CATStation® to improve underwriting decision-making, manage their exposures, and increase the profitability of their books of business. CATStation provides exposure concentration, hazard and catastrophe loss analyses in one easy to use, web-based application.

Exposure Concentration Analysis

CATStation provides mapping tools that allow users to accurately depict concentrations of exposure including user-defined ring analysis, distance calculations, and multiple layer options. Going beyond simple mapping and aggregation functionality, CATStation provides a mechanism to monitor compliance with underwriting guidelines through rules-based logic. These guidelines are based on various user-defined specifications such as state, county, ZIP Code, within a specified radius of other risks, and within a specified distance of potential terrorist targets.

Hazard Analysis

Allows users to quickly find out about hazards associated with a specific location. CATStation also allows portfolio managers to set up hazard rules so underwriters can quickly see if risks are, for example, within a specified distance to the coast or located on a particular soil type. Hazard profiles include Hurricane, Severe Thunderstorm, Winter Storm, Earthquake, Flood and Terrorism. Within CATStation, there is also functionality allowing users to access third party flood zone determination.

Loss Analysis

CATStation provides fully probabilistic loss estimation for individual policies. Loss estimates include a full probability distribution of losses, including average annual expected loss and probable maximum loss (PML) from catastrophe events.

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CATStation: AIR’s Web-based Risk Management Solution
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