ARC (Analytics of Risk from Cyber)

In the context of a soft property market and a low interest rate environment, companies are building their growth strategy around a strong cyber line of business. Yet aggregation risk can limit your risk appetite as cyber threats are capable of triggering simultaneous losses across multiple organizations and putting the profitability of your portfolio at risk.

Transform emerging cyber threats into your business’s next growth opportunity

Traditional methods for managing aggregation risk rely on market share approaches that assume broad industry assumptions apply to your unique portfolio.

ARC uses a detailed accumulation approach that lowers uncertainty by using data about an organization’s specific sources of risk to determine which of your insureds would be impacted by the aggregation scenario—and omit those that wouldn’t from the analysis.

Likelihood that cyber risk can be over- or underestimated—possibly significantly— when using broad market share assumptions

Gain insights into your cyber exposure to grow your business intelligently

Augment your exposure data

Leverage AIR’s proprietary database of industry exposure to augment your data if information about an insured’s demographic, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity profile are not available at the point of modeling.

Evaluate any commercial policy

Whether it’s a standalone cyber policy, cyber endorsement, or a policy vulnerable to silent cyber, you have the flexibility to determine how each cause of loss—such as security breach expense or business interruption—is best represented within your company’s unique policy coverage framework.

Model Cyber Scenarios

Over a dozen scenarios that estimate the financial impact of security breach, business interruption, or electric grid blackouts are available. You can modify severity parameters to develop your own view of the risk, test the sensitivity of your portfolio, and explore the impact of adjusting insurance terms

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