Reinsurance is a highly complex, constantly evolving global business. Meanwhile, market-cycle pressures and tightening regulation have spurred companies to continually look for that competitive advantage that will ensure profitable growth.

Proven Solutions for Reinsurers

Of critical importance in such a dynamic marketplace is confidence the ability of your catastrophe model to provide the most realistic and comprehensive view of risk available. Reinsurers rely on AIR’s global suite of catastrophe models to estimate the loss potential of complex treaties and contracts quickly and to assess their marginal impact on an existing book of business. AIR offers software tools for reinsurers that make the decision-making process with respect to pricing and participation extremely efficient, and that are designed to handle exposure data of all types and resolutions. AIR’s high-quality industry exposure databases can be used to help companies with coarse data improve their catastrophe risk analyses.

Innovative Software Solutions

AIR's software solutions for reinsurers support a wide array of complex structures and financial terms. Armed with the ability to specify loss triggers, geographic areas, event parameters and contract duration, our solutions are ideal for assessing all types of risk transfer alternatives.

Reinsurers are investors too. AIR offers industry-leading tools for analyzing many types of financial instruments, including insurance-linked securities and industry loss warranties that reinsurers may be looking to add to their investment portfolio.  

As the market grows in complexity, so does the risk landscape. In the face of an uncertain climate, reinsurers must prepare for years in which there will be multiple losses. AIR's software solutions are unique in their ability to analyze the probability and loss potential of multiple-event years, while at the same time enabling companies to estimate the losses to their portfolios from the individual events that make up a multiple-event season.

Reinsurance Submission PackReinsurance Submission Pack 

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Is the insurance industry prepared for large losses on a global scale?

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