Corporate Risk Managers

Corporate Risk Managers

Corporate Risk Managers

Since developing the first catastrophe model in 1987, AIR Worldwide has set the standard for technological innovation in the insurance and reinsurance industries. What is less well known is that we also serve corporate risk managers across a range of industries. Listed below are examples of some of the industry segments that AIR Worldwide has served.

Real Estate Management Firms

The cornerstone of real estate catastrophe risk management is the quantification of loss potential for property portfolios and individual locations. AIR's models enable decision-makers to quantify exposure to future losses and analyze and compare the cost effectiveness of insurance limits and deductibles. Furthermore, AIR model results help clients identify those facilities that disproportionately impact an organization's loss potential. This information facilitates buy/sell decision-making, negotiations with insurance underwriters, and the allocation of insurance costs among buildings and tenants commensurate with each location's risk contribution.

Mortgage Lending and Financial Services

AIR's products and services are used in the finance and mortgage lending community in a variety of ways. Our Web-based solutions are providing a fast and economical way for lenders to perform seismic risk screening (Probable Maximum Loss, or PML screening) that meets the requirements of Fannie Mae and the secondary mortgage market. Our portfolio analyses and detailed catastrophe risk engineering assessments of high value properties help lenders and investors identify at-risk properties so that determinations such as credit worthiness and loss mitigation requirements can be made.


Extreme natural and man-made events can damage critical facilities and equipment, destroy inventory, injure workers, and cause supply chain interruptions. These occurrences can severely undermine continuity of operations and the profitability of a company. AIR modeling and engineering services assist leading manufacturers worldwide in assessing the likelihood of catastrophic events impacting their operations and by recommending optimal engineering retrofit and other loss mitigation strategies.

Highly Specialized Risks

AIR provides global risk engineering services to owners and underwriters of "high value" risks. On-site engineering reviews, building plans, and assessments of local hazard conditions are all incorporated into detailed analyses of clients' structures and equipment. These analyses incorporate advanced decision analysis techniques to help clients choose the most cost effective combination of engineering retrofit and insurance limits and deductibles.

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