Performing a Score Data Diagnostic in Underwriting Contract Mode


The Score Data diagnostic assigns portfolio- and location-level scores to your exposure data to help you identify high-risk exposures with large replacement values and data quality issues.

Process overview

To configure and run a Score Data diagnostic in Underwriting Contract Mode:

1.      On the Touchstone Underwriting Contract Mode Home tab, click the contract for which you want to perform a Score Data diagnostic. The Contract Summary Dashboard appears.

2.      In the navigation pane, click Data Quality. If Touchstone has not yet run a Data Quality Analysis on this contract, the New Data Quality Analysis pane appears. Alternately, if Touchstone has already performed a Data Quality Analysis on this contract, the results of the most recent Data Quality Analysis appear. In this case, click Analysis Options to configure a new Score Data diagnostic for this contract.

3.      On the New Data Quality Analysis pane, click the Template drop down list button and select the desired Data Quality Analysis template.

4.      Specify the desired settings on the Scoring Data, Analysis Filters, and Analysis Management panes.

5.      Click Run. Touchstone adds the analysis to the Activity Monitor queue for processing when the required system resources are available.

Once Touchstone has completed the Data Quality Analysis, you can view the analysis results.

  Alternately, you can run a Data Quality Analysis either from the Contract Summary Dashboard or by using auto run. For more information about the methods by which you can run analyses in Underwriting Contract Mode, see Running Underwriting Analyses.



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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016