Filtering Reinsurance Program and Treaty Lists


You can filter the list of reinsurance programs and treaties so that you can see only the specific programs and treaties that interest you. You can filter the list of programs first by cedant, reinsurer, or in-force-as-of date. You can then filter the program records by number of treaties, number of each type of treaty, and by the modification date.

To filter lists:

1.      In the project's navigation pane, click Reinsurance. By default, the list of reinsurance programs is unfiltered.

2.      To filter by cedant, reinsurer, or in-force-as-of date, click the arrow in the filter cell and then select the item that you want to see. For example, in the Reinsurer filter cell, click the arrow and then select a reinsurer name that is used in any of the existing programs The list now includes only those programs that contain the specified reinsurer name.

3.      To clear all the filters, click Clear Filters .

4.      If Inline Filters is not selected on the ribbon, click it. A filter row appears above the row where you can manually add a program.

5.      To filter by a column in the grid, click a Filter operator link in the column's filter cell, select the appropriate filter, and then select or enter a value. For example, to filter the list by the number of Quota Share treaties:

a.     In the Quota Share Count filter cell, click the Equals (=) operator and then select the Greater than (>) operator.

b.     Enter or select 0. The filter icon appears in the filter cell and the grid displays records for programs with at least one Quota Share treaty.

6.      To clear the filters for a specific column, click the small x in the filter cell for the column.

7.      To filter the list of treaties in a program, click the program name to display the list of treaties in the selected program. Then follow a process similar to the one described in step 5. For example, in the Treaty Status  filter cell, click the  Equals (=) operator and then select Quoted from the Treaty Status list


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