Creating a Project


When you create a new project, Touchstone opens a tab for it. The tab includes the following components:

       A navigation pane that includes Project Data, Results, Reports, and Reinsurance components

       An empty grid for exposure view information

       Icons for working with the grid

       A sidebar area

Process overview

To create a project:

1.      Launch Touchstone. The application opens to the Home page.

2.      In the Projects pane, click Add Project . The Create Project dialog box opens.

3.      In the Project Name field, enter a project name, up to 255 alphanumeric characters, that is unique across the business unit.

4.      Click Create. The application creates the new project. When you return to the Home page, the new project appears at the bottom of the list in the Projects pane.

You can also create a project by selecting the Project tab, clicking Add , and following steps 3 and 4.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016