Event Loss Summary Table


This table displays more detailed information about each of the events generated by the standard (probabilistic) loss analysis. Touchstone sorts the events in descending order based on the selected perspective that has the greatest loss. For example, if you select "Ground Up" and "Retained" as the perspectives, and "Ground Up" has the larger mean loss, the events are sorted in descending order based on the Ground Up losses. You can sort by any perspectives that were included in the analysis configuration provided there are associated losses.

If you are viewing the results of a modified detailed loss analysis, the table includes, for each perspective, a column with AIR results and a column with the modified results.

  If you ran a Loss Comparative Analysis, the analysis results tables and charts include the comparative results.

The table contains the following information:




The year for the event based on the 10,000-year simulation. It is a simulation year only and does not represent an actual date.

Event ID

The event identification number for the simulated event.


The peril type for the simulated event.

Ground Up Mean Loss

The ground-up loss generated by the simulated event.

Retained Mean Loss

The retained loss generated by the simulated event.

Pre-Layer Gross Mean Loss

The pre-layer gross loss generated by the simulated event.

Gross Mean Loss

The gross loss generated by the simulated event.

Net of Pre-Cat Mean Loss

The net of pre-Cat loss generated by the simulated event.

Post-Cat Net Mean Loss

The post-Cat Net loss generated by the simulated event.

Event information

The intensity, magnitude, or other information about the event, along with the associated industry loss. Generally, for non-European multi-country models, the industry loss is in U.S. dollars (USD) and for European multi-country models, the industry loss is in Euros. For single-country models, Touchstone typically uses the country's local currency; for example, the model for India uses INR while the model for Australia uses AUD. Since the model for South America is a multi-country model, the currency is USD.

The “No result data generated for perspective: PreLayer Gross” message appears even when there may be Pre-Layer Gross results. This is because Touchstone does not currently display the Pre-Layer Gross losses in the Loss Results pane. However, you can use AIR ExportExpress to export the loss results to a CSV file and then view pre-layer gross losses (if there are any); to view the pre-layer gross losses in the report, you must select "Event Loss by Layer" as one of the reports to generate and "Pre-Layer Gross” as one of the perspectives. The pre-layer gross losses are in the column labeled "PreLayerGrossLoss". You can also run an SQL query to view the results in the PreLayerGrossLoss column in the dbo.t2_LOSS_ByLayer table (contact your database administrator for help with SQL queries).

The table can only display by coverage losses if the analysis results were saved by coverage losses. Optionally, the table can display claims data if you selected that option when configuring the detailed loss analysis.

By default, the table displays stochastic events; however, you can also view historical and world scenario event losses by selecting them in the Events Detail section of the ribbon.


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