Exceedance Probability


The Exceedance Probability function enables you to set the defaults for the number of exceedance probabilities and return periods that appear in loss analysis results, for up to 15 points. You can also set a default to display or not display the return period. The exceedance probability defaults are: .1% (0.00100), .2% (0.00200), .4% (0.00400), 1% (0.01000), 2% (0.02000), and 5% (0.05000). The return period (year) defaults are: 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000. Example

Set loss defaults for exceedance probability in the Exceedance Probability pane.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below  to set default exceedance probability.

Exceedance Probability

Click the existing exceedance probability cell then enter a new number.

Return Period

Click the existing return period cell  then enter a new number (integer, year).

To create a new point set simply click in each field and enter numbers for probability and year.

  If you edit the default EP points and/or return periods, and you want to view these new EP points and/or return periods in a set of loss results, you can either edit the EP points and/or return periods manually in the set of loss results, or you can rerun the corresponding detailed loss analysis.



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