Understanding the CEDE Format, Touchstone 4.0
Understanding the CEDE Format

CEDE™, which stands for Catastrophe Exposure Database Exchange, is the exposure database format used by Touchstone®; Because adoption of Touchstone across the insurance value chain continues to gain momentum, CEDE format exposure data is in increasing demand.

This documentation defines the AIRExposure database schema, which stores the CEDE format exposure data for use by Touchstone. It contains the following information: 

To aid in the comprehension and use of the AIRExposure database, this documentation includes select tables from the AIRReference Database.  These tables define the codes used to populate several AIRExposure columns, including but not limited to:

As you review this document and begin to work with the AIRExposure database and CEDE data format, please contact AIR Worldwide with any questions you may have.



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