tExposureAttributeType Table
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tExposureAttributeType Table

Stores the possible types of exposure attributes used for the Loss analysis results options.

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 Column NameDescriptionDatatypeLengthAllow NullsDefaultFormula
Primary Key ExposureAttributeTypeCode

Code that represents the exposure attribute type.

  • BR = Branch
  • PF = PolicyForm
  • PR = ProducerName
  • TR = Territory
  • UDF1 = UserDefined1
  • UDF2 = UserDefined2
  • UDF3 = UserDefined3
  • UDF4 = UserDefined4
  • UDF5 = UserDefined5
  • ULOB = UserLineOfBusiness
  • UW = Underwriter

Name of the exposure attribute type.

Corresponds to the code in ExposureAttributeTypeCode.

 DescriptionDescription of the exposure attribute type.VarChar1024  

Name of the table in the AIRExposure Database to which this type of data is stored.

For example, Location information is stored in the tLocation Table.

Objects that depend on tExposureAttributeType
 Database ObjectObject TypeDescriptionDep Level
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Stores the primary rule sets that can be applied during a Data Quality analysis.

tHazardAttribute tabletHazardAttributeTable

Stores the possible the attributes of a hazard.

tIntensityAttribute tabletIntensityAttributeTableStores information about the intensity attributes that may be used during a Hazard analysis.2
tOutputType tabletOutputTypeTable

Stores the possible types of output for each analysis type.

tOutputTypeTableXref tabletOutputTypeTableXrefTableSystem reference table used to associate the output type tables during a Loss analysis.2
tResultTemplate tabletResultTemplateTable

Stores the association between output types and the results.

tResultTemplateFilterAttributeXRef tabletResultTemplateFilterAttributeXRefTableSystem reference table used to determine the filter attributes that are applied to the results.2
tResultViewBy tabletResultViewByTable

Stores information identifying the options for viewing results in Touchstone.

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